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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What we learned...

Our team did a great job at Camp Hopewell, but all good things must come to an end.  We left Camp Hopewell very satisfied and hungry to take our new demeanor onto the volleyball court.  But before we leave, we need to take time to think about our trip and what we learned.

First of all, Camp Hopewell has amazing food!  It was so good.  Have you ever had Chess Pie Squares, it is a southern thing, but YUM!!!! 

Our second obstacle of the day was our own version of Titanic.  How do you get 15 players on board that was teetering and keep it level?  I'm not sure because we didn't get it, but we did better than we ever had.  We also took time to learn how to engage every member of our team at all moments, even if they are hurt.  Also, how we talk to one another and how it can come across.  For example, if you tell someone "I think you should do this", how does that come across compared to, "It would be best for the team if you did this.".  The challenge was, can we take that experience and learn from it on the next adventure, The Spideweb!

Our team got to come up with their own scenario, ours was, they broke into Florida's locker room and stole the scouting report and now they have to get out through the holes.  Everytime they go through a hole, the hole closes.  They must get every team member out before they get caught.  If any body part goes into any hole, it automatically closes.  It also closes if you touch any part of the rope.  The communication of the team was great.  Everyone provided insight into how they were going to accomplish it.  People took charge and made sure everyone was heard.  They also did a great job of voting to make sure everyone was on the same page.  If someone had a thought that was different than the team, you usually heard the words, "it would be best for the team if..."  Did we learn our lessons throughout the day, I think so!!!  Here are some videos of the team putting some people through the higher holes!  Great job!  Look at those muscles!
 Team lifting Amanda through the hole

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  1. that is pretty good and motivated, I have learned a lot from pay per head wagering and I am as good as those girls at volleyball